• Training Solutions

    We provide training solutions in sales, negotiation, customer service and coaching to equip customer facing people, at all levels, with the skills to achieve sustained, profitable sales.

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  • Take part in our latest Negotiation survey

    Huthwaite have spent 40 years researching how the most successful negotiators behave differently to the rest. Take part in our latest survey to find out how your negotiating skills compare to the best.


  • Ericsson chooses SPIN® after considering 30 different alternatives

    “This was the best one that was researched-based..” Thomas Anjou, Head of the Academy of Sales and Marketing at Ericsson.

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  • Negotiation insights

    Key findings on the behaviours of skilled negotiators and latest insights into the critical performance areas that make negotiation an organisational capability, rather than an individual competency.

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  • Celebrating 40 years

    Huthwaite International are delighted to be celebrating our 40th Anniversary. 40 years of sales effectiveness, negotiation best practice, innovation and behavioural research. We look forward to working together with our clients around the world to achieve continued business success.

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