Since 1974, we’ve studied behaviour in real sales situations across 33 countries.

Having spent years understanding what separates successful salespeople from their peers, no company knows more about sales behaviour than us. And because we never stop learning, neither do you.

Our knowledge and experience has fuelled the Huthwaite Approach, a field-researched, validated and proven method of changing behaviour to improve sales performance. And because the sales and negotiation landscape continues to evolve, so too do our best practice methodologies.

Evidence of return on investment - SPIN® Suite

A recent report shares the impact on financial gains of companies we have worked with from different sectors. 

The report shares a detailed account of a 2014/2015 project with a €214 million international wound care company who by the end of the project saw a significant increase in sales. The report also shares sales performance results from five further companies from different business sectors, following a SPIN® Selling and Coaching implementation- from the year 2000 to present.

You can download the full report here.

Global negotiation survey

How well are you negotiating? 
Huthwaite’s latest research project took the form of a global survey in a bid to find out whether people were able to easily recognise successful negotiating tactics and behaviours.

The survey attracted over 1300 respondents across 52 countries. Key findings from the survey have been showcased in an infographic and a full detailed report of the findings can be downloaded here.

Creating and Capturing Value - global research

Huthwaite’s project on Creating and Capturing Value focuses on a seller’s ability to create value for their customers and capture value for themselves. Both of which are essential in today’s world where the challenge is to remain competitive in the market, win deals at prices that enable the organisation to turn in a profit, and keep the cost of sale to a manageable level.

The study ran from mid-2012 to mid-2013, and surveyed 903 respondents in 30 countries. 62% of the respondents came from sales, marketing and customer services roles, and the types of sales relationships studied ranged from the transactional to the consultative ends of the spectrum.  The report includes companies of all sizes, from those of fewer than nine employees to enterprises of more than 1,000. Download report.

Outstanding corporate customer service - a study of complaint resolution behaviours

Three companies took part in research to benchmark effective behaviours used in complaint calls. The research gives an insight and understanding into effective behaviours that result in happier customers at the end of complaint calls. The behaviours identified in the study were those that were effective in resolving problems as well as complaints.
Download full report.

Winning with procurement

Through our research, we have uncovered key insights into the changing role of the procurement professional, how this can help the sales professional to understand the issues faced by procurement, and master the relationship with procurement to the benefit of both sides. Download whitepaper.

Best practice for dealing with external procurement consultants

The rise of external procurement consultants poses a challenge for many sales professionals. This unique study identified the effective strategies for this new environment. Contact us for more information or download our whitepaper - Dealing with external procurement consultants.

Negotiation excellence in the 21st Century: what does best practice look like?

This global scale project looked at how Fortune 500 companies are adapting their approach and making negotiation an institutional capability. To read more about excellence in negotiation, download report.

Effective strategies for combating reverse auctions

We’ve looked at how successful organisations are learning to play the game and successfully combat reverse auctions. For more information on effective strategies for combating reverse auctions, download whitepaper.

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