About us Huthwaite International HQ - Hoober House

We're sales and negotiation training experts who can improve the performance of your business. For over 40 years we've been working with companies around the globe to deliver long-term, tangible results through our behavioural change methodologies.

And our approach works too. Companies from every sector have enjoyed the benefits of our training solutions, which are flexible enough to integrate into your current business processes.

What sets us apart is that we consult first and recommend second. We've spent decades researching which key behaviours deliver outstanding sales performance, and we continue to analyse and learn from the very best sales professionals around.

And it's this unrivalled knowledge that enables us to meet your needs, and more importantly, help you meet the needs of your customers. Because by changing your behaviour - and learning from the best salespeople in the industry - you can change results and reach and sustain new levels of success.

What the 'Huthwaite Effect' means to our customers

Brand HealthWe conducted an independent study to discover what our clients think about working with us, and what makes us unique in the marketplace. Just some of their responses include:

  • We focus on behaviours, not just process
  • We carry out rigorous research
  • We have an unrivalled international delivery capability
  • We offer global consistency

Read more in our full brand health report.