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Latest from our CEO Tony Hughes on learning and development

Learning and development is an exciting place to be at the moment, especially for those aiming to enhance their commercial organisations. There are more channels available for learning and more skills and processes to choose from. One of the big questions in this arena is which path will work best as a learning journey for your organisation?

Recorded recently, above Tony Hughes talks with The Telegraph on the proven skills and processes that work for creating and capturing value in a commercial setting and how those skills can be embedded so that they become the method of choice. Read the full article here.

Below you will find a discussion between Tony Hughes and Robin Hoyle who look at the challenges facing L&D, the changes in options open for learning over the past 20 years and, most importantly, where it’s heading in the future: How do we make the best of our learning opportunities? Do we always recognise them when they are in front of us?