Tony Hughes

tony-hughes.jpg Tony Hughes - CEO Huthwaite Group of Companies

Huthwaite International’s research never stops and this gives Tony a wealth of best practice to share with his audiences. Tony commissioned the most recent Huthwaite research into Improving Corporate Negotiation Performance, which gives a fascinating insight into the strategies of some of the world's top performing companies, in the light of an ever-changing procurement landscape.

Tony firmly believes that without sales there is no business. Huthwaite International’s research proves that the world's most successful companies are those that develop a wholly sales-centric culture. They champion the improvement of sales performance and have a true understanding of customer needs, business issues and a win/win long-term approach to negotiation. To that aim, Tony works continuously with clients to get to know them and their business at a strategic level.

In supporting and promoting the cause for sales and negotiation excellence Tony is a sought after speaker at a variety of national and international events. Tony is also a board member of the APS (Association of Professional Sales). In recognition of his outstanding contribution to Sales and Marketing, Tony has a Lifetime Achievement Award from The British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards.

Tony became Managing Director of Huthwaite International, with executive control of The Huthwaite Group of companies in 1998. Prior to this Tony personally designed, implemented and delivered projects to 1000’s of people across 29 countries and in 3 continents.