Alison Smith

alison-smith.jpg Alison Smith - Business Development Special Projects


Alison has experience within Huthwaite of managing a team of Consultants and Training Consultants who sell, implement and manage international projects across a number of industry sectors including Professional Services, IT, Banking, Healthcare and Manufacturing. She holds a certificate in teacher training and Prior to Huthwaite, worked in financial services where she held roles in operational, sales and regional training management for various retail and investment banking companies.

During her time with Huthwaite, Alison has gained a wealth of experience in selling and managing large International behaviour change projects across a wide range of clients. These projects have covered the whole range of Huthwaite's portfolio of selling, key account management and sales management portfolios. She is also one of the key deliverers for Huthwaite's senior management programmes.

Alison has had a key input into some of Huthwaite's major projects. She was the first consultant to interpret our procurement research into a practical training course for use with clients. This stemmed from identifying a strong business need that clients required a stronger relationship with procurement and a practical method of application, as well as changing the mind-set within the organisation to have successful conversations with people in procurement.

Alison helped to develop the Huthwaite Salesforce Management programme as a practical, workable model which incorporated real world issues and measures sales performance skills to motivate a sales team. She is an expert in the field of coaching and moves fast to meet differing business needs for clients and assess the levels of coaching they have. She is an enthusiast for using more technology based implementation through different mediums to provide support for training and deliver bite sized, instant, and relevant solutions.

She has worked at all levels within client organisations from customer service and legal to sales management, board level and marketing. Her projects have ranged from providing consultancy to local boutique companies to implementing multi-national sales academies in several continents across different functions. She is an expert at adapting her content and style to meet the business culture of the client. This ranges from very sales focused environments to the other end of the spectrum where the term ‘selling’ is unacceptable and the clients don’t see themselves as sellers, but relationship builders. Cultural differences are also taken into account and local needs are adhered to.

Alison has a very facilitative training style, and is very sensitive to peoples’ feelings and responds appropriately. She has an energetic approach and recognises that integration of solutions into real world scenarios is vital for skill transfer. She has spoken at Healthcare, Manufacturing and general consulting conferences on sales of the future and has provided consultancy to mixed audiences on sales.