Huthwaite International at the Global Manufacturing Festival

A great day for UK Manufacturing!

As a key supporter of the Global Manufacturing Festival which takes place in Sheffield on 17th-19th April, we were the sole sponsors of the GMF London launch on 26th February. Click here for more information.

The Festival brings together some of the world’s leading advanced engineering and manufacturing organisations into a city-wide event that comprises a trade show at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), conference programme, factory visits and the Get Up To Speed event for young people. The festival aims to increase suppliers’ understanding of complex supply chain structures for a broad range of high growth market sectors. Huthwaite International’s Alison Morris will be speaking at a breakfast event which will provide those attending the GMF with tools and tips on how to best maximise opportunites at the GMF. The event is free, to book your place and for further information click here.

Steve Thurlow, Business Director for Manufacturing & Industry, and David Freedman, Associate Director, represented Huthwaite International at the London launch, which centred around the Houses of Parliament. MPs (including our local MP John Healey), ministers and shadow ministers, took part in the events and in one-to-one discussions with exhibitors, suppliers and strategic manufacturers.

DF chats with John Healey.jpg

ST Talks With Jon Stewart And Andy Peters Of Siemens







 John Healey, MP chats with David Freedman, Huthwaite International at the MANTRA demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament (left). Steve Thurlow, Huthwaite International with Jon Stewart and Andy Peters of Siemens (right).

David Freedman was interviewed outside Parliament, where he spoke of Huthwaite’s keen support of a competitive manufacturing base, demonstrated through our work with many clients around the world. He also touched on the challenges posed by global competition, the increasing need for manufacturers to manage their relationships with procurement specialists, and the absolute necessity of not only developing manufactured products of world-class quality, but of building value for them in global markets through sales strategies that are based on detailed understanding of customer needs.

This is a theme he returned to in the initial question to the GMF expert panel, which included key trade bodies, suppliers and senior executives of strategic manufacturers such as Tata, Siemens, Rolls Royce and Boeing.

For more information on Huthwaite solutions and experience in the Manufacturing sector, visit our sector page or contact Steve Thurlow.