Dorota Porazka

Dorota-Porazka.jpg Dorota Porazka - Country Manager for Poland


Dorota is a partner with DORADCA Consultants Ltd, the company that has represented Huthwaite International in Poland since 1996. Dorota joined the Huthwaite Poland division at DORADCA in 1998 as a consultant. From 2000 until April 2005 she was a director of Huthwaite Poland. For over 5 years she planned the development strategy of Huthwaite International in Poland. She ran the division and managed relations with all of Huthwaite Poland clients. She developed the team of consultants and launched several training programmes on the Polish market. Currently, as a partner responsible for the Huthwaite division, she supervises the whole of the sales process and negotiates or supervises all internal and external negotiations taking place in Poland.