Dr. Janet Curran

Janet -curran Dr Janet Curran – Head of Thought Leadership

As Head of Thought Leadership Janet is responsible for continuing Huthwaite’s 40-year old tradition of respected research. Her recent projects include evaluating the relationship between sales and marketing in launching new products, identifying the challenges faced by procurement professionals in building internal relationships, as part of her work as a key contributor to the Management Consultancy Association’s Consultancy Buyers Forum, and managing Huthwaite’s recent global research project into how profitable organisations create and capture value for their customers. Current research is focused on the role of coaching and reinforcement to maximise the value delivered through behaviour change initiatives and effective negotiation.

Prior to joining Huthwaite, Janet worked as a self-employed consultant and conducted training within the banking, retail and public sectors. Her cultural awareness is excellent, having travelled the world with Huthwaite and delivered training in every continent. One of the skills she brings to her role is the ability to take a cross-cultural perspective in identifying the current pressing challenges that global sales departments face. She has a PhD in retail marketing and speaks good Spanish.

Follow her on @janet_curran, or email her at jcurran@huthwaite.co.uk.


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