Lars Dahlberg

Lars-Dahlberg.jpg Lars Dahlberg, Senior Partner, Huthwaite Sweden

Lars Dahlberg’s pedigree with Huthwaite goes back to the very early days of the company’s behavioural research, while he was still studying for his MBA at Gothenburg Business School, and met the Swedish SPIN® researcher from Rank Xerox. After his first SPIN® Coaching training in 1983 he was hooked on working with Huthwaite intellectual property and started as a licensee.

Lars has been involved in selling to Huthwaite’s major clients in Sweden, such as SKF, Volvo, WM-data and SCA. For four years Lars was Huthwaite’s International Director and travelled the Huthwaite world, helping the Huthwaite global network to develop their business and improving their training skills.

He then ran the Huthwaite Swenska business with Åke Lundahl  for many years and they have now been joined on the board by Henrik Hagel, which strengthen our leadership team, and reinforces our position in the market.

Over the years Lars has worked with all levels of people in the major companies that Huthwaite serves in Sweden, and has acted as a trusted adviser and key account manager to many of them in matters of complex sales and customer development.