Lee Cumberbatch

lee-cumberbatch.jpg Lee Cumberbatch - Consultant

Lee has a strong financial services background from working as a trainee accountant and auditor for a chartered accountant then moving to new business sales in the banking sector. His enthusiasm for training grew from working as a development trainer, helping staff with their B2C selling and advising from new starter to management level. This gained him valuable experience with carrying out training needs analysis, designing training solutions, evaluation, and delivery, at varying hierarchical levels and in varying formats.

Since starting with Huthwaite in 2008, Lee has managed projects that have included conducting needs analysis across a multinational hotel chain, covering over ten languages, managing the global roll-out of a sales academy across six continents and rolling out a train-the-trainer academy that covers over 30 countries and 20 languages. With all his first-hand experience of these global projects, Lee has excellent cultural knowledge and tailors his solutions to meet local needs, language capabilities and logistics. He has also been involved in the development and delivery of the Huthwaite Virtual Training Campus.

This wealth of experience has made for a smooth transition into the Client Director role. His adaptable and professional approach creates a climate that is conducive to achieving the business objectives of his prospects and clients. His attention to detail and drive to succeed ensures that the focus of any behaviour change is for the long term and not just for the few days in the classroom environment.