Louis Grosjean

Louis-Grosjean-small.jpg Louis Grosjean, Huthwaite Country Manager, Switzerland


He has dual citizenship of Switzerland and France, has an extensive business background in financial markets. His banking career started at the renown private Bank Dreyfus Sons & Co Ltd Banquiers in Basel, as well as large Swiss banking houses in London, Geneva and Zurich. Subsequently he changed from the banking sector into the industry segment engaging himself in the currency and rare metal markets at Marc Rich, today known as Glencore International.

Louis has extensive experience of working as an independent investment fund manager of both domestic and foreign funds over a period of 11 years, where he assumed total responsibility for both placement and marketing of funds. During the course of his career to date Louis has held various management positions including director at board level.

Louis is a strong advocate of SPIN® selling, and enjoys conveying its messages to large and small audiences alike, through his real world experience of business.