Martin Wright

Martin Wright web.jpg Martin Wright - Consultant

Martin is a highly consultative and hands-on professional, whose passion is to ensure that any training he manages achieves the maximum impact for clients. To do this, he draws on many years’ experience of the widest possible range of techniques and approaches so that his interventions can appeal to all learning styles. His own academic background is strong and varied. With a BA and an MSc, gained at British universities, he also studied in Australasia, where he augmented his academic qualifications with business and management accreditations, and is a competent German speaker.

His professional life has been devoted to people management and development, and having worked at director level in the corporate learning field he knows what success and best practice look like. He has run national and international scale training projects in a variety of industries such as banking, post, telecommunications, recruitment, retail and manufacturing. Clients have relied upon his expertise as trainer, coach and psychometric analyst (Myers Briggs) in the fields of Leadership, Change Management, Organisational Development and Sales.

He detects that throughout the corporate world today there is a genuine hunger for effective management development and a growing acknowledgement that coaching is essential for improved performance. He sees the particular approach of Huthwaite to commercial skills as proof of his own first hand observation in his own distinguished career that, “a deeper understanding of the psychology of sales in turn leads to more sales through the ability to build and consolidate better business relationships”.