Trevor Gillard

trevor-gillard.jpg Trevor Gillard - Consultant

Trevor has enjoyed a successful career as a business entrepreneur who has owned a number of businesses, which he developed and sold over a number of years. He holds a BA (Hons) degree in Business Studies and has lectured on the subject for various colleges. Trevor worked as an associate for Huthwaite International for fifteen years before joining as a consultant.

He delivers the full portfolio of Huthwaite solutions, with a particular interest in negotiation skills. He has worked on many real-case negotiation projects with clients from both the buyer and seller sides of the table. He has extensive experience in the oil, gas and IT sectors and has also worked across most industries during his years delivering Huthwaite IP.

Trevor works at all levels within the client organisation, including global negotiating teams, sales directors, sales managers, sales teams, lawyers, and financial directors. He has worked with many of Huthwaite’s largest international clients on global projects spanning several continents, but also enjoys working locally with UK-based companies. He understands the importance of getting to the heart of the client organisation to understand the full extent of their training needs and develop a solution to meet their requirements.

His relaxed approach to training encourages delegate participation and he likes to bring an element of humour into proceedings. His aim is to help clients achieve better deals and to enable good people to become even better.