Scott Pierce

scott-pierce.jpg Trainer, USA

Scott has been associated with Huthwaite since 1993, when he joined Huthwaite International’s U.S.-based sister organisation. In the intervening years, he has served in various capacities, from Instructional Designer to Performance Consultant to Project Manager to Engagement Manager to Client Manager to Practice Leader. He played a key role in leading the research team that produced Huthwaite’s 1996 book, Getting Partnering Right (©Rackham, Firedman, and Ruff, 1996, McGraw-Hill). Currently, Scott’s primary role is facilitating programmes for Huthwaite’s clients in the USA.

As a project, engagement, and client manager, Scott worked with Huthwaite’s clients in nearly every market sector.

Additionally, Scott managed Huthwaite’s financial services practice, leading their engagement with global commercial and investment banking organizations. And he has experience designing and delivering both Sales Effectiveness and Management Development projects. Prior to joining Huthwaite, Scott had a successful sales and management career in the financial services and software
development sectors.