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At Huthwaite International we’ve never dealt in assumptions. Instead, we’ve spent over three decades getting under the skin of a wide range of markets to understand your business world. This, combined with an unrivalled track record of delivering real and sustained improvements in commercial performance, gives us the confidence to say we can make a significant difference to your business.

Whether sharing with you the proven behavioural skills to succeed in any commercial or market situation, or tailoring the most appropriate programme for your needs, our team of experienced professionals can deliver the right solution, anywhere in the world.

Below are just some of the markets in which we have a wealth of experience. Read more or contact us about how we can help meet the specific needs of your business.

  • Financial and Professional services

    There may have been a time when the world was a slower and gentler place, when technical expertise and good service were enough to bring in business. But no more. The skills of the person facing the potential client are now crucial. Huthwaite enables accountants, bankers, consultants and insurers to create value for clients, differentiate themselves and build trusted relationships, by providing the skills, processes and tools needed to win more new and additional business with clients. From consultative and strategic selling to negotiation skills, we have a proven track record across much of financial and professional services, of delivering tailored, behaviour change projects, which deliver measured results.

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  • Healthcare and related industries

    Clients from Healthcare and related industries form a major part of Huthwaite’s international business portfolio. Our constant commitment to researching best practice and our evidence-based approach to improving the business of our clients resonates well with those who themselves work in a world where research and evidence are crucial. The solutions we create bring tangible results to the business of our customers, through pragmatic and relevant development programmes. So much so that many of our healthcare clients come to us through recommendation of our services from other satisfied customers.

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  • Industrial and Engineering

    This is our most diverse market covering a range of engineering-based and wider industrialised sectors, from classic manufacturing, chemicals and energy to textiles, packaging and the built environment. We have deliberately avoided traditional industry classifications, choosing instead to classify segments by the commercial scenarios they typically encounter. That allows us to focus on providing the skills and insights necessary to design and deliver solutions that best meet each market’s, and each company’s, unique challenges.

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  • Information Technology

    This is a dynamic and exciting sector characterised by its pace of innovation, the proliferation of data, and where regular M&A’s and new entrants are always responding to new economies and fresh market opportunities. Huthwaite International helps its clients within this ever crowded marketplace by providing the skills, processes and tools to enable them to clearly differentiate themselves from the competition whilst also creating mutual value.

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  • Sales Training for Lawyers

    Specialist sales training for lawyers

    SPIN® for Lawyers available as an Open programme in London. Business development skills for partners and associates to help you win more panel appointments, more instructions, and a bigger share of client business.

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  • Other markets

    The world’s economy is increasingly diverse. Technology is creating new industries that simply were not there five years ago. The lines between B2B and B2C sales are often blurred; the gap between public and private sector can be a narrow one; the global trade in services of innovative kinds constantly makes new commercial demands and requires new skills. Constantly, Huthwaite solutions prove themselves suitable to the new, and the specialised. Everything from media services to educational institutions, in all parts of the retail supply chain, and in industries that are really still being defined for the first time, Huthwaite skills and methods are making a significant impact.

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