We understand your sector

Prospective clients often ask why they should choose us, and our answer is simple: we’re uniquely placed to help change the behaviour of your people and improve the performance of your organisation.

There may have been a time in financial and professional services when the world was a slower and gentler place, when technical expertise and good service were enough to bring in business. But no more. The skills of the person facing the potential client are now crucial. You can rely on Huthwaite International to ensure your team always has the skills to stay one step ahead of your competitors. We understand the challenges you face and this makes us a safe pair of hands. Thirty years of developing solutions for accountants, bankers, consultants and insurers has shown us the sales and negotiation challenges you face, and our case studies highlight the kind of memorable results we can deliver. From consultative and strategic selling to negotiation skills, we have a proven track record across much of financial and professional services, of delivering tailored, behavior change projects, which deliver measured results. 

We can make behaviour change second nature

Training events provide the foundation to building the skills and confidence in your people, to change their behaviour with clients. But the training is just the beginning. We ensure that newly learned skills become instinctive, so we also work with you after training events to measure, coach and reinforce the messages.

To deliver lasting behaviour change requires:

  • The right skill model to match your business needs.
  • Practice and feedback to help each individual develop their skills appropriately.
  • Objective means to measuring our impact.
  • On-going coaching, and senior management support, to embed new behaviours.

We can deliver the right training in the right way

Training has the potential to produce excellent results, but your investment could be wasted if change management or project management issues are ignored.

We believe that what happens before the training begins, and once the classroom event is over, is just as important as the lessons themselves.

That’s why we always consider the following:

  • Is there a need to 'sell-in' the proposed intervention to other parts of the business?
  • Is there an internal sponsor to visibly champion the project?
  • Is there a jointly agreed implementation plan and review process in place?
  • Is there a need to modify content to take into account different cultures or local circumstances?
  • Is there agreement about how the success of the project will be measured and communicated?

We offer flexibility of delivery options

Our main concern is always that any intervention produces real and sustainable results for your organisation.

This means we’re honest with our clients if we feel the proposed time allowed for training, or the level of internal support or resources, is inadequate. However, we also accept that all client organisations operate in a competitive environment and under conditions which can restrict the time and resources available. This means:

  • We design flexible interventions in response to such restrictions with the aim of producing the best possible results, offering face-to-face, e-learning and virtual classroom options
  • We’ve been building and customising tailor-made solutions for over three decades.
  • We can measure the changes the intervention has brought about and the impact of those on bottom-line results.
  • We deliver in over 40 countries and local languages so we can handle interventions world-wide, simultaneously.
  • We can offer a choice of trainers who have expertise in your sector and/or we can train and accredit your internal trainers to deliver our programmes to our standards.
  • We can deliver the knowledge content of our programmes in advance using e-learning modules - keeping classroom time to a minimum and focusing on the skills development process.