Healthcare and related industries

This is a relatively diverse market sector. We include in it those businesses and industries immediately recognizable as being in the healthcare market, such as Med-tech, Life Sciences and Bio-tech, Pharma, Diagnostics and Disposables, but also many other industries and organisations related to the provision of products and services to improve human and animal health.

Boundaries between our designated business sectors are sometimes blurred and this is particularly true of the Healthcare sector. If you regard your business as Healthcare then this section of the website is designed to give you an insight to what we can offer you through our sector expertise and solutions. However, depending on the nature of your business, information about our experience in other sectors may be useful, e.g. for Telehealth or Healthcare data look here , Consulting and Professional Services into Healthcare or into the NHS look here  or Industrial & Engineering look here .

Within the Healthcare sector we have developed training and development solutions for a wide range of organisations, active in many different sales and marketing channels, including business to business, business to healthcare provider, business to retail, consumer or patient, and also within both the public and private health settings, and academia.

So why do so many organisations working within a healthcare environment choose to work with Huthwaite International?

Our customers tell us that it is often for one or more of the following reasons:

  • We are a ‘safe pair of hands’ – we can be relied on to ‘do it right’, giving peace of mind when choosing a provider
  • Our international capability, credibility and expertise 
  • Evidence-based models with proven content and measurable ROI
  • Our ability and flexibility to customise and tailor the content of modules and courses to specific business needs 
  • The quality of our people - whether in training, other customer-facing or support roles
  • The quality of our approach whether delivering international large scale implementations, smaller local events, or to an individual customer through public programmes