We understand your market

Every Healthcare sector client we work with has their own unique requirements.

We consult at the outset of every piece of work we do, and continue that partnership approach during the relationship, to ensure we understand the underlying needs and can bring the best possible solution to our clients. By innovating and evolving our products and services, we are proud to be able to answer the often complex and demanding questions asked of us and thereby help our clients succeed in their ever-changing and challenging environments.


This is a hugely wide-ranging sector. In the devices segment of this sector alone there are over 500,000 different medical technologies, segmented into more than 10,000 groupings.

But at Huthwaite we are not so concerned with labels. The key to us being able to help our clients lies in understanding the market in which they are operating, who they are selling to, and how they are doing it.

Whilst many companies in the med-tech sector have managed to achieve growth during the economic downturn, albeit at a reduced rate, success has been tough to achieve. Restructuring of sales forces has been essential in many businesses, with those who remain in sales and marketing roles now needing a wider portfolio of skills than ever before.

For many companies the potential business in new and emerging markets offers opportunities for greater growth, but for some this will only in part compensate for the flattening off of sales in traditional markets.

Knowing where and how to invest in skills development is of course only a part of the story when faced with such challenging issues. But it is a crucial part of the story if those interacting with the customer are to have the confidence, knowledge and skill to build value for their customers and to capture that value for their own organisations. Often new med-tech clients come to us citing the problem that whilst their people are highly knowledgeable technical experts this can sometimes result in pushing that knowledge onto the prospective customer rather than tailoring a conversation to the customer’s true needs and interests.

This is emphasised to an even greater extent in discussions with non-clinical customers. The rise of formal purchasing and procurement stakeholders and their perceived power is a challenge for many med-tech sales people. Whilst economic data, total cost of ownership, return on investment and other metrics are a very important part of the persuasive case, by assuming price must be the focus for every non-clinical discussion sales people risk reducing the conversation to price and discounts at an early stage. Not only does this make selling difficult, but during the negotiation phase there is only one way for prices and margins to go – squeezed further down from an already low point.

This picture might sound familiar, or perhaps you have other issues to be addressed? At Huthwaite we welcome the opportunity to explore the specific challenges faced by your salesforce and business. Take a look at our solutions page for a flavour of just some of the options we can build to help you achieve sales excellence and improved business results.


Is there a more challenging sales environment in which to operate today?

The ever-increasing competition for a healthcare professional’s time and attention, changes in buying dynamics in most healthcare systems across the world, the emergence of new stakeholders to influence, and the decline in number of new blockbuster drugs, all combine together to create what often seems an unenviable task for those in pharma sales and marketing roles.

Indeed the question of whether a sales force is even needed is heard more often now than ever before. But all is not lost, not by any means. Good consultative sales people who can look way beyond just product efficacy and help stakeholders maximise the impact of their treatment options, can still be an enormous asset to their organisations and to their customers. Having the confidence and ability to engage with stakeholders in a way that demonstrates an understanding of their wider ‘business’ needs and bringing solutions to help clinical and non-clinical customers achieve the best for their patients and the wider organisation is absolutely essential if the precious face-to-face time is to be used effectively.

And whilst all of the above is often discussed and acknowledged within pharmaceutical companies and business units large and small, creating change can be an on-going challenge. Even if the sales managers and sales people know what is required of them, do they know how to change their behaviour? And how to maintain that change to bring the results they need?

Selling to non-clinical customers is a case in point – many in pharma will acknowledge that the days of ‘talking brochures’, the ‘tell sell’, the push of information regarding drug efficacy to clinical or non-clinical customers should be well and truly resigned to the past. However, in many international pharma sales forces there are numerous examples where this still happens, with lack of face-to-face time being cited as the reason for this ‘push’ style in many cases.

In addition many economic buyers are either subjected to an irrelevant product-based sales call, or are witnessing a move from a talking drug efficacy brochure, to a talking health economics brochure!

Knowing how to have the right conversation with the right person at the right time about the right things is essential if the hard won and precious airtime is to be used to best effect, and the rep is to be asked into the clinic or office on a regular basis.

Take a look at our solutions page for an indication of just some of the options we can build to help you achieve sales excellence and business results

Other markets in Healthcare and related industries

You may recognize some of the challenges faced by you or your organization in the pharma or med-tech sections. However these by no means cover all the types of business with whom we work. Bio-tech and drug discovery, dental, optical and audiology businesses, OTC and animal health are all part of our portfolio, as are lab solutions, healthcare logistics and forensics. Call us to discuss your specific challenges and needs – we’re always happy to explore options with you and see if there are ways we can help.

You might also take a look at our solutions page for a flavour of just some of the options we can build to help you achieve sales excellence and business results.