Our philosophy is captured in our strapline; 'Change Behaviour, Change Results' and all our interventions are focused on achieving this. Whilst the delivery of training events is central to our work, training is just one aspect of delivering a successful intervention and initiatives taken before and after can have a huge impact on their effectiveness. 

We work with you to:

  • Ensure the training content delivers the rights skills, and closes the right gaps, to provide the business outcomes you desire.
  • Establish a climate and mind-sets that are conducive to learning and remove or mitigate any factor that may lessen the impact our training will have.Engineering - Body Image
  • Deliver events that maximise learning by adapting the training to take into account the experience, existing skills and knowledge that already exists within each delegate group.
  • Enable genuine, permanent skills improvement by creating a
    robust but pragmatic coaching and reinforcement regime.
  • Monitor improvement by agreeing and regularly reviewing performance metrics.

We work with delegates across a range of functions, acknowledging that commercial success is a company-wide responsibility.

We have interventions suitable for:

  • Sellers and business developers – including those for whom business development is only part of their role and/or a recently acquired responsibility.
  • Service – anyone in a client-facing but non-sales role. We don’t turn service personnel into sellers, but we do help them recognise and realize their role in value creation.
  • Negotiators (Sell-side and Buy-side) – we help you secure the best possible deal for you, but still leave the other side happy and the relationship intact.

We do all of the above by helping you develop skills, strategies, processes and tools that enable you to:

  • Create value through expert consultative selling and outstanding service.
  • Demonstrate value through persuasive bids, proposals and presentations.
  • Retain value through expert negotiation skills.