We understand your market

Prospective clients often ask why they should choose us, our answer is simple: because we understand the markets you sell into, and the commercial challenges they pose, we’re uniquely placed to help change the behaviour of your people and improve the performance of your organisation.

The Industrial & Engineering market is under pressure from changes in buying practices.  Often companies are putting more and more purchasing decisions into the hands of professional procurement.  Moving away from technically led to value led sales strategies is vital for success and forms a fundamental part of many of our client interventions.

Growth will be led by innovation.  In some markets that will come from products and services, in others it will be route to market or sales strategy that provide something new.  In either event sellers will be asked to do something new, behaving in a way that will be unfamiliar and often outside their comfort zone.  We have vast experience of helping sellers make this shift and, through the development of robust coaching and reinforcement processes, ensuring the change becomes permanent and delivers the bottom line improvement you require.

Service personnel (in the widest sense of the word) are a hugely significant, but often overlooked, sales resource. Increasingly service people have more time with customers than your sellers.  And, more importantly, they have access to the key customers – those who use the products and services you supply.  By developing the sales awareness of your service people you unlock a huge potential source of vital sales intelligence.

We can make behaviour change second nature

Training events are key to producing behaviour change and delivering improved commercial performance. But they are only part of the solution.  You want to ensure that newly-acquired skills are lasting and will positively impact business performance.  We can measure, coach and reinforce the skills to ensure the right behaviours become instinctive.

To deliver lasting behaviour change requires:

            • A climate and business structure that is conducive to skills development

            • The right skill models to match the delegates’ selling, negotiating or customer service situation.

            • Practice and feedback to help individuals develop their new skills.

            • Processes and tools to help transfer those skills to the real world.

            • An objective way of measuring progress and work on strengths and weaknesses.

            • On-going coaching and senior management support to ensure new behaviours become the norm.

We can deliver the right training in the right way

All the evidence suggests few training initiatives deliver all the desired performance improvement, and this is rarely because the training content itself was weak. Training has the potential to produce excellent results, but your investment could be wasted if broader issues are ignored. 

We believe that what happens before the training begins, and once the classroom event is over, is just as important as the lessons themselves.

That’s why we always consider the following:

            • What is the attitude towards the training likely to be?  Will we be working with enthusiasts or cynics?

            • Do we have Executive buy-in, or what needs to happen to win it?

            • How will details of the initiative be communicated to those involved?

            • Is everyone aware of their roles and responsibilities within the project and the impact it will have on their time and
            other tasks? 

           • Is there a need to modify content to take into account different cultures or local circumstances?

            • What will the coaching and reinforcement regime look like – what is achievable in reality?

            • How will the success of the project be measured and communicated?

We offer flexibility of delivery options

Our main concern is always that any intervention produces real and sustainable results for your organisation.

This means we’re honest with our clients if we feel the proposed time allowed for training, or the level of internal support or resources, is inadequate. However, we also accept that all client organisations operate in a competitive environment and under conditions which can restrict the time and resources available.

We design flexible interventions in response to such restrictions with the aim of producing the best possible results. These include:

            • Traditional class room training.

            • Blended learning, classroom training preceded by e-learning.

             •Virtual campus, real-time interactive training delivered over the web.

            • We build client-specific, customised solutions for over 90% of our projects.

            • We can measure the changes the intervention has brought about and the impact of those on bottom-line results.

            • We deliver in over 40 countries and local languages so we can handle interventions world-wide, simultaneously.

            • We can train and accredit your internal trainers to deliver our programmes to the same high standard as our own             experts.