Specialist sales training for lawyers

Specialist sales training for lawyers

SPIN® Selling for Lawyers – now available as an open programme

We’ve designed a specialist sales training for lawyers programme on an open basis. Why? Because lawyers asked us to.

We put two hypotheses to the test recently.

  1. In essence, law firms and the lawyers in them are realising that they need to grow their business, and they recognise that will require selling skills that cannot simply be left to a handful of BD specialists who have no day-to-day contact with clients. Those face-to-face skills are the make or break skills.
  2. The same research-based, results-based, practical, consultative sales training that has brought increased revenue and profit to thousands of leading organisations, including professional services, for 40 years, is highly adaptable and applicable to the legal profession.

What should sales training for lawyers look like?

We sat in the offices of senior partners and L&D heads of law firms around the UK and asked them about their sales training needs. We addressed around 450 of NatWest/RBS legal sector clients at conferences in 2014, and then spoke to them in detail about the skills challenges they face in winning more panel appointments, more instructions, and a bigger share of client business.

So many people said that their shortage of skills was costing them business, that we simply had to see how we could help them. We also looked at our law firm clients who had asked us to run SPIN® events for their associates and partners – specially adapted, of course, for the particular needs and circumstances of law firms and lawyers. And they told us how it had helped them develop their business.

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The SPIN® Selling for Lawyers open programme is available to lawyers from any firm that want to win more business. Drawing on Huthwaite International’s renowned research and success models, and led by a specialist in training lawyers to sell, the two day course will examine and improve those interactive, consultative, persuasive skills that law school never touches.

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