More areas

The longest lists of clients, and the greatest number of implementations, might come from the principal markets that you can read about elsewhere in these pages. But some of our biggest impacts and most notable research insights have come from working with companies from sectors that have not been part of those traditional divisions.

If anything, what we are able to offer them has underlined the applicability of our core behavioural understanding to just about any business setting.

That’s why we’ve been able to revolutionise the way a major global name in the hospitality sector trains its sales people across the globe, not only through the establishment of the Sales Academy faculty of its in-house Business School, but also through innovative ways of collecting live data on how the real life experiences of its customers are affected by the changing behaviours of its sales professionals.

It’s also why we’ve been able help publicly-owned or newly-privatised mail services across Europe adapt to the changing commercial and regulatory environments they face. We’ve worked with senior managers, sellers and indeed procurement professionals to make sure that they have the skills they need to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness and position them for competition.

Organisations in what we might broadly call the logistics sector, from global delivery services looking to increase market share or profit from each contract, to critically important air traffic authorities seeking to sell and market their expertise to governments for the very first time, have long benefited from the way Huthwaite can help them with internal process, and pure selling skill.

In the media marketplace, we help companies who have come into existence and grown into global giants only in the age of the Web, who recognise that when it comes to building value for their customers and partners they still need the personal behavioural skills that stem from Huthwaite’s research and learning models. In that respect, they have much in common with older marketing services companies who began working with Huthwaite in the pre-internet age, to instill a common sales language and account development skills among their people, setting them on the road to years of growth and successful global expansion.

The retail setting is a less common environment for Huthwaite skills, but our work there has on occasion allowed us to draw the most direct line from specialised behavioural research, through highly customised training design, to objectively measured positive business outcomes. With the changes in customer buying habits provided these days by online alternatives, every ounce of extra effectiveness we can give a face-to-face sales person, in any environment, weighs heavily in their favour.

Schools and universities, and other institutions in the education sector, might not seem the most obvious partners or clients for Huthwaite, associated as we often are with sales excellence. But of course our heritage is research-based and rooted in academic rigour, and today we are still valued for the behavioural insights we are able to offer that help both in the development of students, and in the corporate development of the institutions themselves. And as educational choices in the UK and Europe – particularly at university level – become more and more market-driven and customer-focused, our experience and models are certain to be of value to them as they necessarily become more commercial.

If any of these markets is your market, or if you feel that your business – whatever and wherever it is – requires the mixture of reliable behavioural models and fresh, innovative thinking that we have applied across a wide range of sectors and segments, we will be pleased to help you.