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Negotiation courses Negotiation Courses

Negotiation courses

Huthwaite International is a leading provider of negotiation courses designed to make you a more effective negotiator. Secure your place here.

Negotiation affects all areas of business. Whether you deal with high value negotiations as part of your job or you simply want to improve the way you negotiate with colleagues and clients in your daily interactions, these courses are designed to help you achieve those goals.

With over 40 years’ experience in training provision, Huthwaite International is trusted by companies across the globe to help them to become more effective negotiators. Our ongoing research and development means our courses are second to none in terms of delivering the most effective, up-to-date methodologies to make a lasting change in your business.

Our latest courses, collated under the VBA* (Verbal Behaviour Analysis) umbrella, are now available to book online. Find out more below, or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Negotiation training London

    Negotiation courses in London

    We run negotiation courses in London throughout the year. Find out more information.

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  • Negotiating skills

    VBA Negotiation

    Gain confidence through the use of VBA tools and skills to avoid concessions, reach swift conclusions and sustain good relationships. If you regularly negotiate on about six issues with another party (either external or internal to your organisation) and your negotiations are often similar from one to the next, and you have the mandate to agree terms yourself, then this is the course for you.

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  • Negotiation skills

    VBA Complex Negotiation

    Often you will face more complicated negotiating challenges where the issues are multi-facetted and high risk. Hone your skills and gain insights into the most important factors in your negotiations. Avoid making simple concessions, conclude sustainable deals, surrender less margin, save money in a strategic purchase, and have a framework for future negotiation. Whether you are part of a negotiating team or principal negotiator of a complex negotiation – this is the course for you.

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Open VBA negotiation courses

*VBA stands for Verbal Behaviour Analysis. This is a method of measuring what people say to each other in a business situation. Using VBA, Huthwaite has defined the model of verbal behaviour that correlates with successful negotiation and from which all Huthwaite negotiation courses are underpinned.

Which course is for you?

Huthwaite International offers two negotiation courses. Below is a short explanation of who would be suited to each. Click on the links above to read a more detailed description of each course’s content and book online.

VBA Negotiation

This course is ideal for anyone who regularly negotiates about a relatively small range of issues. They typically deal with the other party in one-to-one conversation.

As such, this course is beneficial for people who work in sales or marketing, at a level where negotiations are important but the monetary value tends to be lower. This course covers the basics of negotiation and is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to improve their own negotiation skills.

VBA Complex Negotiation

This course is aimed at those people who negotiate at an advanced level as part of their job, whether as part of a team or as the principal negotiator. Delegates typically work in roles such as buying/procurement, sales or negotiation itself.

As such, this course is more advanced and is an ideal option for those with negotiation experience, or for people who have previously taken the VBA Negotiation course.

Booking your course

These courses are part of our open courses range. This means that spaces are offered to anyone who would like to book, meaning you will more than likely meet delegates from businesses other than yours at the session. We welcome bookings from individuals and from larger groups.

You can book onto any course using our online booking system. Simply click on the appropriate course above, select your location and click ‘book now’. You can also book over the phone; call us on 01709 710081 and we’d be happy to help. Our courses are offered in the UK and internationally.

In-house courses

As well as our range of open courses, Huthwaite International also provides bespoke, in-house training solutions for businesses looking to train a full team or a larger group, or those who wish to have the training course designed specifically to their business.

Find out more about our in-house courses here, or contact us to discuss your requirements with us.