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VBA Complex Negotiation Negotiation skills training

The VBA* Complex Negotiation skills training programme is for anyone who participates in major negotiations where the issues are not straightforward and the risks are perceived as high. You might be part of a team or a principal negotiator, as buyer or seller – or have a role in intra-company negotiation.

On this course you will gain insights and skills to understand what is really important in your negotiation and how to secure the best outcome, through direct experience of strategy, tactics, preparation, planning, and a unique behavioural success model. The learning will equip you, immediately, to avoid simple concessions, conclude sustainable deals, surrender less margin in a sale, save money in a strategic purchase, and have a framework for future negotiation.

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Huthwaite's Complex Negotiation skills training builds the right negotiation skills essential to success by helping you to:

  • understand the differences and relationship between selling and negotiating
  • prepare and plan in a structured way, using the Huthwaite Skilled Negotiator model
  • develop strategies and tactics to manage the movement of the negotiation to a desired outcome
  • confidently use the behaviours in the Huthwaite Skilled Negotiator model in face-to-face negotiations
  • understand where power comes from in negotiations
  • use behaviours and develop strategies that will enhance your power
  • develop strategies for maintaining a positive climate and dealing with ‘dirty tricks’
  • create an Action Plan for continued development of the negotiation skills after the programme based on constructive and objective feedback on personal performance compared with the Skilled Negotiator model.

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We deliver Huthwaite's VBA* Complex Negotiation training programme through a highly interactive process using exercises, case studies/ simulations and trainer inputs. Trainers conduct live Behaviour Analysis on all negotiations and provide structured feedback to delegates.

Course outline - Day 1

  • Introduction to negotiation and Huthwaite research
    Negotiation exercise
  • Power
  • Preparation and planning

Course outline - Day 2

  • Setting the stage and exchanging information
  • First case study/simulation
  • Developing options
  • Behavioural feedback from first case study/simulation

Course outline - Day 3

  • Bargaining
  • Second case study/simulation
  • Behavioural feedback from second case study/simulation
  • Concluding the deal
  • Dirty tricks and how to handle them
  • Conclusion and action plan

Who should attend?

This negotiation skills training course is ideal for sales executives, sales managers, technical, financial or legal specialists involved in the planning or execution of major contracts or agreements in which the terms of business are variable. Note: Huthwaite research showed that in negotiation, effective performers on both sides used the same planning methods and negotiation skills.

*VBA stands for Verbal Behaviour Analysis, the research and training methodology that underpins all Huthwaite programmes and that aims to give you the skills to behave as closely as possible to our validated models of successful people achieving successful outcomes.