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VBA Negotiation Negotiating skills training

The Huthwaite VBA Negotiating skills training programme is for people – whether they come from sales, procurement, or any other part of the modern organisation – who regularly negotiate about a relatively small range of issues (usually not more than half a dozen), who do so quite frequently and often deal with another party in the form of a one-to-one conversation. The topics of their negotiation are often fairly similar from one day to the next which means that they will have the autonomy or mandate to agree terms without referral back inside their organisation for additional complex scenario planning.

The learning will give you the tools and skills to avoid concessions, reach swiftly agreed conclusions, sustain good relationships with customers and/or suppliers, and approach all the negotiations that you typically face with renewed confidence.

Courses in the United Kingdom

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Huthwaite's VBA Negotiation skills training builds the skills essential to success by helping you to:

  • understand the differences and relationship between selling and negotiating
  • prepare and plan in a structured way, using the VBA Success Model
  • develop strategies and tactics to manage the movement of the negotiation to a desired outcome
  • understand where power comes from in negotiations and develop bargaining strategies that will bring about the best outcome
  • confidently use the behaviours in the VBA Success Model in face-to-face negotiations
  • develop strategies for maintaining a positive climate and dealing with negative tactics
  • create an Action Plan for continued development of the negotiating skills.

Training design


Key concepts are covered via e-learning preceding the two day course. During the

 VBA Negotiating skills training course insights are introduced on a one by one basis which delegates practise using mini exercises. Practice negotiations are carried out in trios where delegates take it in turns to observe the behaviours of the buyer and seller and record the behaviours live.

Course outline – Day 1

  • Review of online learning
  • First case study
  • Introduction to negotiating behaviours
  • Second case study
  • Power and Bargaining
  • Preparation and Planning
  • Feedback and review 

 Course outline – Day 2

  • Review of Day 1
  • Further negotiating behaviours
  • Third case study
  • Moving the negotiation to a desired outcome
  • Maintaining a positive climate
  • Dealing with negative tactics
  • Feedback and review
  • Conclusion and Action Plan

Who should attend?

The VBA Negotiating skills training course is ideal for negotiators who negotiate a small range of issues on a frequent basis. The negotiation is relatively straightforward and issues are often similar from one negotiation to the next. Mandates are clear and tend to be the same for each negotiation.