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PITCH Selling Skills

At Huthwaite International we have been delivering real sales and negotiation performance improvement for four decades. As a result we are confident we can show you how to make a real and lasting improvement to your results, no matter what your level of experience or current performance. All our training is derived from field research into what high performers do to distinguish themselves from the rest.

PITCH Selling Skills is the definitive course for winning new client business, on the telephone or face-to-face when interaction time is limited. After implementation, it has been shown to deliver a 150% month on month increase in new client acquisition, and a 20% increase in the sale of additional products.

Courses in the United Kingdom

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Huthwaite's PITCH Selling builds the skills essential to success by helping you to:

  • understand which behaviours are most persuasive in short-cycle selling environments and analyse your own behavioural style in comparison to the PITCH best practice model
  • identify how to change your behaviour to achieve more successful results
  • understand the psychology of the customer buying process so that you can think through their reasons to buy or not buy your product and work to influence the value drivers
  • analyse the strengths, weaknesses and neutral factors of your product against the competition so that you know where to focus your sales pitch to maximise your chances of success
  • identify and prioritise prospects so that you optimise use of your time and increase your chances of converting prospects into customers
  • develop the skills to engage customers in conversation, even on cold calls, and use those conversations to assess whether the customer has potential that is worth converting or whether you need to qualify them out
  • have a strategy for dealing with customer objections at all stages of the call.

Training design

PITCH_Body Copy Image

We deliver PITCH Selling Skills through a highly interactive process using exercisesand skills practice via roleplays and trainer inputs. Feedback on selling skills is provided in small group reviews and trainer input. Delegates leave the programme with a behavioural framework to help them and their manager monitor the development of skills post-course.

Course outline – Day 1

  • Introduction to selling skills and an initial selling skills benchmarking roleplay.
  • Understanding the customer’s buying process and the motivators and resistors for buying your particular product.
  • Key selling behaviours and skills practice.
  • Identifying product strengths and weaknesses against the competition.

Course outline - Day 2

  • Structuring a call around the PITCH process.
  • Identifying and prioritising prospects to call.
  • Opening a call persuasively.
  • Growing the need and seeking appropriate commitment.
  • Skills practice.
  • Conclusion and action plan.

Who should attend?

Sales executives who work in short-cycle sales, either in face-to-face environments or on the telephone and who are responsible for prospecting for new business. By short-cycle sales we mean three interactions or less.