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SPIN® Marketing

At Huthwaite International we have been delivering real sales and negotiation performance improvement for more than three decades. As a result we are confident we can show you how to make a real and lasting improvement to your results, no matter what your level of experience or current performance. All our training is derived from field research into what high performers do to distinguish themselves from the rest.

SPIN® Marketing Workshop draws on the principles of SPIN® Selling to enable you to produce marketing collateral that is not only more persuasive but is also more consistent with the sales activities of a SPIN®-trained salesforce.

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Huthwaite SPIN® Marketing Workshop builds the skills essential to success by helping you to:

  • understand the customer’s decision making process in complex, high-value sales
  • understand the behavioural skills used by effective salespeople and how they create and develop customer perceptions of need
  • build a comprehensive persuasive case around your strongest differentiators
  • evaluate some of your existing marcoms materials and begin to rethink them to include more ‘live’, customer-focused, selling messages
  • construct effective plans for product launches to ensure the salesforce maximises its opportunities, thereby avoiding disappointing product launch results.

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This programme is designed as a workshop rather than as a training course. You can work on existing or planned marketing collateral to increase its impact and persuasiveness.

The models and guidelines are introduced in small, logical steps. Using the Huthwaite principle that learning is doing, exercises are introduced at key points during the workshop to help you apply the concepts to your own products and customers.

Course outline - Day 1

  • The Buying Cycle: the psychological phases of complex, comparative buying behaviour.
  • The SPIN® questioning model – the consultative selling technique used by the most effective sellers.
  • Evaluating the customer’s buying criteria and optimising your competitive position around your key differentiators.
  • Persuasive Case Analysis – using SPIN® to analyse the full spectrum of problems and implications your product or service can solve, and the payoffs the customer will gain from your solution.
  • Product Features, Advantages and Benefits

Course outline - Day 2

  • Initial Advantage Statements – creating maximum initial impact
  • Using Problems, Payoffs and Proof statements to stimulate interest, eliminate concerns and show the value of your offering
  • Product launches – how marketing can position new products as ‘problem solvers’, to minimise the learning curve and help the salesforce make full and immediate use of their SPIN® selling skills
  • Corporate hospitality – setting objectives, planning purposeful messages and discussions

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in the creation or briefing of marketing communications, whether the bias is more towards traditional brochure and press activity, or heavily dependent on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and the other social media.

The focus will be on understanding and applying SPIN® concepts to the marketing communications you generate, offering practical guidance and insights into best practice and how this can be integrated within your marketing department and your wider organisation.