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SPIN® Sales Training Courses – SPIN® Selling

SPIN® selling is a methodology used by sales professionals across the globe. First pioneered by Huthwaite International, it continues to be one of the world’s best known sales approaches. Our open SPIN® sales training courses are available to professional individuals or groups who wish to use SPIN® to improve their own sales performance.

At Huthwaite International we have been delivering real sales and negotiation performance improvement for more than three decades. As a result we are confident we can show you how to make a real and lasting improvement to your results, no matter what your level of experience or current performance. All our training is derived from field research into what high performers do to distinguish themselves from the rest.

As well as open courses, we also deliver bespoke, in-house training solutions. Find more here or get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Courses in the United Kingdom and around the world

See our full list of SPIN® Selling courses below in the United Kingdom, in London and Leeds, and outside of the UK. Contact us for more information about our international courses.

Click on the location to find out more or ‘book now’ to secure your place:

Courses in the United Kingdom

London Heathrow (United Kingdom)December13 - 153 days£1,450Book now
London Central (United Kingdom)January10 - 123 days£1,450Book now
Leeds (United Kingdom)January17 - 193 days£1,450Book now
London Heathrow (United Kingdom)January24 - 263 days£1,450Book now
London Heathrow (United Kingdom)February14 - 163 days£1,450Book now
Leeds (United Kingdom)February21 - 233 days£1,450Book now
Leeds (United Kingdom)March07 - 093 days£1,450Book now
London Heathrow (United Kingdom)March14 - 163 days£1,450Book now
London Central (United Kingdom)March28 - 303 days£1,450Book now
Leeds (United Kingdom)April04 - 063 days£1,450Book now
London Heathrow (United Kingdom)April25 - 273 days£1,450Book now

* Specially discounted course.

Our courses around the world

Shanghai (China)December13 - 153 daysTBC*Contact us
Giza (Egypt)December18 - 203 daysTBC*Contact us
Shanghai (China)December27 - 293 daysTBC*Contact us
Cologne (Germany)January24 - 263 daysTBC*Contact us
Utrecht (Netherlands)February07 - 093 daysTBC*Contact us
Singapore (Singapore)February09 - 102 daysTBC*Contact us
Cologne (Germany)April25 - 273 daysTBC*Contact us
Paris (France)May02 - 043 daysTBC*Contact us
Utrecht (Netherlands)June13 - 153 daysTBC*Contact us
Cologne (Germany)July04 - 063 daysTBC*Contact us
Utrecht (Netherlands)October03 - 053 daysTBC*Contact us
Paris (France)October03 - 053 daysTBC*Contact us
Cologne (Germany)October17 - 193 daysTBC*Contact us

*To be confirmed - please contact us to confirm pricing and availability

About the course

SPIN® Selling is the definitive course for consultative selling in a business-to-business environment. SPIN® has proved to be the most effective way to improve your sales success and deliver bottom line results.

Huthwaite's SPIN® Selling builds the skills essential to success by helping you to:

280x250_SPIN Sell_OPENOverview_DIGITAL.jpg
  • use a consultative approach to explore customer needs in depth, ensuring you fully understand the problems the customer has to solve, how they impact on their business and what the best solution will be
  • develop greater value for your solution, so your customers can see the real benefits of adopting your product or service
  • develop a strong competitive position, to help win more business in a highly competitive environment
  • have a strategy for dealing with objections
  • understand your own selling behaviours, compare them to the SPIN® model and develop an action plan to continue developing skills after the course
  • produce a significant increase in sales revenue.

Training design


We deliver SPIN® Selling through a highly interactive process using exercises, role plays and trainer inputs. Feedback on selling skills is provided through small group reviews and trainer input.

Course outline - Day 1

  • Introduction to selling skills and how customers make decisions
  • Sales roleplay*
  • Understanding, uncovering and developing customer Implied Needs
  • Sales roleplay*

Course outline - Day 2

  • Understanding, uncovering and developing customer Explicit Needs
  • Methodology for note taking in sales calls
  • Sales roleplay*
  • Product Features, Advantages and Benefits
  • Call opening280x250_SPINCoaching-VirtualA4_OPENOverview_DIGITAL.jpg

Course outline - Day 3

  • Objection handling
  • Gaining customer commitment
  • Sales roleplay*
  • Persuasive Case Analysis – planning to sell to your strengths
  • Conclusion and action plan

* All roleplays follow the format of plan, practise, receive feedback and review.

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Who should attend?

In addition to sales executives and sales managers, this course can be highly beneficial to engineers, technical specialists or sales support staff involved in the selling process or who may be exposed to selling opportunities in their work with customers.

To secure your place, book online now or contact us for more information or to book over the phone.

More open sales training courses

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draws on the principles of SPIN® Selling to enable you to produce marketing collateral that is not only more persuasive but is also more consistent with the sales activities of a SPIN®-trained salesforce.

PITCH Selling Skills is the definitive course for winning new client business, on the telephone or face-to-face when interaction time is limited. After implementation, it has been shown to deliver a 150% month on month increase in new client acquisition, and a 20% increase in the sale of additional products.

Account Strategy for Major Sales is highly appropriate for sales managers, account managers, sales executives and any other specialists tasked with the management of long- cycle sales involving multiple influencers/decision makers, strong competitive activity and a perceived risk for the customer of making the wrong decision.