Customer service research

Keeping the customer satisfied

Measures of success in customer service interactions can be more varied than in sales calls, however the most widely used customer service key performance indicator is customer satisfaction, so that’s what we used to distinguish between successful and unsuccessful customer service calls.

Our early customer service research focused on uncovering effective behaviours in order-taking environments where there was still an element of sales behaviour required. This led to the identification of the CISS basket of customer service skills, which provided the initial input for our CARE behavioural toolkit. We then validated and refined this CARE model through our research project into effective complaint handling.

Handling customer complaints

The value in developing outstanding behavioural skills and strategies cannot be underestimated – ending a complaint call with a satisfied customer means that the customer is more likely to remain loyal, and recommend the organisation to others. Measures such as the Net Promoter Score (Reichheld F., 2003, Harvard Business Review) demonstrate that the more likely a customer is to recommend your organisation to others, the more growth you are likely to experience as a business. Our latest research in the area of customer service identifies which behaviours are most effective when handling customer complaints. Read our report to find out more.

What works could work for you

The CARE model is the core of our Outstanding Service programme. We used the behavioural research to develop a behavioural framework which people can use to benchmark their level of proficiency in using the CARE behaviours. From this benchmark they can then set themselves behavioural targets and practise the behavioural skills in safe environments so that when they get onto the phone with customers they feel comfortable with their new-found skills. The behavioural framework is also a tool that is used to sustain the behavioural change through coaching and reinforcement on-the-job.

To find out how developing your customer service team’s CARE skills can impact positively on your customer satisfaction and retention contact us or read more about our Outstanding Service skills training.


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