We’ve been studying sales behaviour for over 40 years, and after decades of research and investigation no one knows more than us about what separates successful salespeople from their less effective peers.

We started out in 1974 with the belief that research was the key to understanding the secrets of sales excellence; secrets we then pass on to our customers. Research is what Huthwaite International was built on, and it’s how we continue to chart the traits that deliver results in the ever-changing sales environment.

We never stop learning, so neither do you. From highly complex major sales to face-to-face selling and negotiating, we’re always reappraising how to achieve sales success.

All of our knowledge and experience has led us to develop the Huthwaite Approach. This is our field-researched, field-validated and field-proven method of changing behaviour to improve the sales performance of your business.

We’re a truly global business

We’ve observed and analysed sales interactions in over 33 countries around the world to get both a global and local understanding of the behaviours that lead to exceptional performance.

We now deliver sales performance improvements for clients in more than 30 languages and 40 countries, and we’re still growing.