How well are you negotiating?

See key findings from our latest global negotiation research captured in an infographic.

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What exactly is it that makes a successful negotiator? And what's the difference between a highly skilled negotiator and a merely average one? These are just two of the questions we're striving to answer.

We deliver negotiation skills programmes for a wide range of multinational organisations, who then go on to enjoy significant improvements in the outcomes of their negotiations.

Using thoroughly researched case studies we're able to help our clients make measurable improvements to the behaviour and performance of their negotiators.

Latest global negotiation research

How well are you negotiating? 
Huthwaite’s latest research project took the form of a global survey in a bid to find out whether people were able to easily recognise successful negotiating tactics and behaviours.

The survey attracted over 1300 respondents across 52 countries. Key findings from the survey have been showcased in an infographic and a full detailed report of the findings can be downloaded here.

Continually learning from the best

Identifying the most respected operators in the business was the first step in our research. We needed those negotiators to be hugely respected on both sides of the table, with an impeccable track record for the successful implementation of their agreements after the final handshakes.

With them on board we analysed everything they did and didn't do during their meetings. By comparing their behaviour to those of 'average' negotiators, we were able to pinpoint the key behaviours that made them so successful.

For example, skilled negotiators seek significantly more information during negotiation than their average counterparts. They frequently test their opposite number's understanding of the discussions and verbally summarise progress throughout the meeting. Average negotiators, on the other hand, often deliberately avoid clarifying ambiguous points for fear of disagreement from the other party.

What works could work for you

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Our behaviour model gives many more valuable insights into successful negotiating. It's a comprehensive framework through which people can practice their skills, compare results, and walk into meeting rooms with fresh confidence in their powers of persuasion.

To find out how sharpening up on their negotiation techniques can impact positively on your sales professionals, contact us or read more about our negotiation skills training.

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