SPIN® research

Groundbreaking industry research forms the basis of our SPIN® selling skills training, which applies science to the art of selling.

40 years ago, we were approached by several major multinationals to look at how major sales are made. They challenged us to use our unique behaviour analysis research method to define, once and for all, the skills used by the most effective sales professionals.

Understanding the difference between perception and reality

We saw a big difference between what top sales performers said they did, and what we actually observed them doing. When asked what made them a good salesperson, they talked of top tips they'd invented or picked up. But we observed it was what they did naturally that really made the difference.

Having identified this difference in perception and reality, we conducted live behaviour analysis of sales transactions. Our initial findings contradicted the conventional theory of sales, which led to the scope of the study being expanded several times until the research results were statistically undisputable.

What works could work for you

Three decades on and the research process is ongoing. It's the largest-ever investigation into sales behaviour and now forms the basis of our renowned SPIN®  sales training programme. We continually filter our most up-to-date findings into SPIN®, but the nine key behaviours that we know for sure make a good salesperson into a truly great salesperson remain.

To find out how SPIN® can impact positively on your sales professionals, contact us or read more about our SPIN® selling skills training.

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