Effective negotiation strategies Effective Negotiation Strategies

Dealmaker - Managing the balance of power in negotiations and getting the best deal

Article published in InterContinental Finance

Having the skills to perform well in a negotiation is increasingly becoming more significant. However it is important to recognise that negotiation is a skill that can be practiced and learned. Effective negotiation is a combination of research, planning, and the effective use of verbal behaviours.

In a recent article published in InterContinental Finance Magazine David Freedman, of Huthwaite International, discusses the importance of having basic negotiating skills. David also goes onto share insights into effective negotiation strategies, based on Huthwaite’s latest negotiation survey as well as Huthwaite’s original observational negotiation research.

Article insights into effective negotiation strategies and behaviours:

  • Phases and processes in a negotiation.
  • Effective negotiation strategies – gathering information and when to introduce concessions.
  • Using Power in a negotiation.
  • Verbal behaviours – Counterproposals, Irritators, Trading.
  • Key findings from Huthwaite’s recent global survey which attracted 1,300 respondents across 52 countries.