Giving feelings: Effective negotiation techniques Effective negotiation techniques

Successful negotiators are open and honest – Effective negotiation techniques

Huthwaite research has revealed that effective negotiation techniques are based around the use of effective verbal behaviours. Our research into effective negotiation techniques allowed us to observe and record what successful negotiators do and those who are unsuccessful don’t do. One of the key behaviours revealed from the research was the use of 'Giving Feelings' by successful negotiators.

State your true feelings

Being open about how you are feeling in a negotiation is a verbal behaviour employed by successful negotiators

In a recent article, published in the ISMM Winning Edge Magazine, David Freedman of Huthwaite International shares some key insights into effective negotiation techniques.

Concentrating on the behaviour of ‘Giving Feelings’ used by successful negotiators, David shares:

  • original Huthwaite research insights into the behaviour of giving feelings used by successful vs unsuccessful negotiators
  • results from a recent 2014 global negotiation survey involving 1,300 respondents
  • tips and rules to remember on how and when to share feelings during a negotiation.