Learning how to negotiate effectively How to negotiate effectively

Double page spread and video spotlight Huthwaite and how to negotiate effectively

There’s practical help, research data, and many years’ experience of how to negotiate effectively featured in today’s Business Monthly supplement to The Star newspaper – the leading title in the Sheffield metro area, which is the 8th largest conurbation in the UK, and more importantly is home to Huthwaite International’s global HQ.

The article is prompted by our new global research into the negotiation behaviour of 1300 people in 52 countries in the past six months, set against Huthwaite’s original observational analysis of the behaviour used by both successful and unsuccessful negotiators. That observational research has been the basis for Huthwaite training programmes for sell-side and buy side negotiators through four decades, and proves conclusively that negotiation skill is something that intelligent people can learn through applying the lessons of that analysis.

Among the highlights of the article is an interview with Huthwaite International CEO on the importance of knowing how to negotiate effectively, and the impact those skills can have. “Learn how to do it successfully,” says Tony, “and it could change your world, increase your chances of success, boost sales, save costs and cement relationships with strategic partners”.

How to negotiate effectively - The good and bad of deal making

Given that we are all about showing people how to negotiate effectively, the piece ends with 5 behaviours to use, and 5 to avoid, to give you the best chance of getting the outcome you want.

And there is a video here that shows effective and ineffective negotiation behaviour in action.