Negotiation skills for lawyers Negotiation skills for lawyers

Watch your mouth, warns David Freedman, your language just cost you that deal

It is known that lawyers spend a lot of their time negotiating as part of their job – it’s what you do.

Learning effective negotiation skills is important in order to succeed in the legal world. Only a small number of people have the natural ability to negotiate effectively – it is a skill which requires the use and practice of a set of verbal behaviours which match closely to what at Huthwaite we call the skilled negotiator profile.

In a recent article, published in Solicitors Journal, David Freedman of Huthwaite International explores some of the different negotiation situations lawyers often find themselves in. He shares some key insights into which verbal behaviours correlate with success in a negotiation and which don’t.

Negotiation skills for lawyers – a few key insights:

  • Giving feelings – it may be surprising for you to know that actually, skilled negotiators are very open and share their feelings throughout the negotiating process
  • From our global negotiation survey which attracted 1,300 respondents:
    • 56% of people, by their own admission, are not successful at negotiating.
  • 73% of people in professional services firms use ‘irritators. You may well ask  what ‘irritators’ are and why the use of this verbal behaviour should be avoided.

You can find out the full story in Watch your mouth.

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