Oiling the Wheels - Why tough times call for smarter negotiation strategies

Published in Manufacturing Digital
Recovering from the recession has put pressure on manufacturers to negotiate the best deal, as Steve Thurlow, Business Director, Huthwaite International explains in this article, first published in Manufacturing Digital:

Negotiation Strategies: How to Be Smarter

Despite mixed economic results, the manufacturing industry remains a good barameter for the overall economy and in his article, Steve Thurlow explores what can be learnt from this sector with regards to negotiation strategies.

The biggest industry challenge post-recession is a continuing - and significant - drive within the customer community towards achieving the best value and fast return, which is impacting on the buyer/seller relationship. This is most visibly reflected at the point of negotiation.

Whilst previously procurement teams would have been focused on the best product, they're now invariably tasked also with achieving the lowest possible bottom line price. From a sales standpoint, this means more effective negotiation strategies are needed to accommodate a changing market.

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  • a look at negotiation in the manufacturing industry
  • the power of persuasion as a negotiation strategy
  • negotiation as a balancing act
  • negotiation strategies for the best deal all round
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