Performance coaching – get SMART! SPIN Sales Coaching

Here, Rob Taylor, Learning Technology Consultant at Huthwaite International, looks at how to improve performance coaching using Huthwaite’s SMART system.

Improving your performance coaching using SMART

SMART is a Structured Measurement And Reinforcement Tool that gives managers and senior managers a way of ensuring that powerful performance coaching and reinforcement is going on.

At the core of performance coaching is the notion of accurate observation plus the use of hard evidence to produce change. Huthwaite International has always based its training interventions on hard evidence, produced using empirical research. The result is a robust skills model that means:

  • We know what behaviours to train people in so that they improve their performance.
  • After training, we can measure the changes in their behaviour, or we can help you measure them.
  • You can see the progress they are making.
  • You will know what performance coaching will help them to sustain that change.
  • You will be able to relate changes to both behavioural and bottom line results.

The way we do this is by implementing the SMART system.

The Smart System

Process 1 – A key strength of the SMART System and the performance coaching that it generates - its basis is in hard behavioural evidence.

Processes 2 & 3 – Once we have a pool of people able to accurately observe an interaction, they sit in on examples of them as low-key observers. Because every client organisation is different, we customise the SMART screens to collect additional information to make it more meaningful.

Process 4 – When the data from an interaction is entered, the system summarises and interprets it. The output is a series of ‘expert’ comments and a suggested action plan for performance coaching.

Process 5 – The final set of processes are the reports. Again, we customise these to client and project requirements, but they tend to fall into three main areas:

  • Individual report mapping improvements
  • Manager reports comparing individuals within the subordinate group.
  • Senior Management reports which link level of coaching activity to bottom line or behavioural data.

For more information on performance coaching how to apply the Huthwaite SMART system – read our pdf below.