The Art of Negotiation

Published in Accountancy Age

The Art of Negotiation for Professional Negotiators 

Should you cast the win/win ethos of negotiation out of the window because of the current crisis?

In this downloadable article, Pete Belsey of Huthwaite International explores the current climate for negotiators, with a specific look at negotiation skills in accountancy.

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Art of Negotiation in Tough Economic Times

Any economic downturn inevitably means that the art of negotiation must adapt. Whilst value propositions are still important, many accountants are being told their proposal is too expensive or that their competitors are charging less for the same service - making price the key discussion point in these negotiations.

For professionals that are in a negotiating position, however, practical advice can be hard to find.

In this article, first featured in Accountancy Age, we examine some of the key challenges inherent in the professional/client relationship and describe good techniques in the art of negotiation that good negotiators can employ in order to achieve a win/win outcome.

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