The importance of training in talent management

Talent management is a term which did not exist in the personnel manager's dictionary back in 1990.

However, the employment landscape has changed considerably in the intervening period with employers having to fight harder to attract and retain the best.

Here, we explain the importance of training in talent management. Download the full report below:

Importance of Training

With the change in the employment landscape has come the necessity for HR teams to invest time in nurturing and developing existing employees. Employers need to work harder than ever to retain talent and training is an important part of this.

In this article, we explain the importance of training in talent management including:

  • what is talent management
  • application of talent management across the sales force
  • a business wide approach to talent management
  • client touch points
  • recognition, willingness and ability in training
HR professionals in particular will find this document useful in helping them to better communicate the importance of training around the business.

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