Negotiation in politics - UK elections 2015 UK Elections 2015

Negotiation strategies in UK elections 2015 

Published in Talk Business

Before last week’s votes were counted, for the UK elections 2015, we were put on notice by publications and broadcasting organisations to be ready to give our views on the negotiation skills that party managers would need to sew together a coalition. As things turned out, they’ll need negotiating skill, but not in the ways we anticipated. With a small majority, government will be all about whips keeping rebels loyal, knowing how little room there is for manoeuvre. And that requirement for people to co-operate and bargain in pursuit of a mutually beneficial outcome – in other words, to negotiate – is what the political world will have in common with the business world over the coming months.

Parliamentarians’ skill sets are, almost by definition, at odds with those of business people. Unshakeable conviction is (supposedly) what drives politicians. But then the prospect of a front bench job or a big infrastructure investment in their constituency has been known to make an MP every bit as pragmatic as a sales director, finance VP or purchasing manager.

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