In government you're always going to have to negotiate UK General Elections

UK General Elections 2015 Negotiations

In Government, in opposition or in business – you’re going to have to negotiate.

Published in engage customer

The UK general election fall-out – in terms of the alliances that people have to form at Westminster and in the wider political nation – has not been quite what everyone expected. Until last Friday, we were confidently looking forward to a few weeks of coalition-forming machinations between the grandees of the major and minor parties. Instead, while there are going to be negotiations, they are going to be of a different kind.

In a recent online article published in engage customer David Freedman, of Huthwaite International, takes a topical approach around negotiation, discussing the likely negotiations that will be taking place after the un-expected UK General election results.

David goes onto share insights into the negotiating behaviours of Seeking Information, Asking Questions, Irritators, and Giving Feelings.