What do successful negotiators do? What do successful negotiators do

If you don’t have confidence, you’ve lost before you start

Article published in Sales Initiative , Simply Communicate.com, Business Matters, Management Issues

Having confidence is key for a successful negotiation outcome. Only 19% of negotiators who are unconfident are successful in achieving their targets. And those who feel neutral see an even lower rate of success, with only 16 per cent of them succeeding.

What do successful negotiators do?

In an article Tony Hughes, Huthwaite International CEO, shares insights into what successful negotiators do, with a focus on having and building on confidence. Our research reveals that successful negotiators build confidence through preparation and planning, strategies and tactics, and the use of effective behavioural skills.

However, confidence is not the only key ingredient. So, what do successful negotiators do? In this article Tony goes on to share some further key factors that influence a successful negotiation outcome,such as:

• Asking questions
• Testing Understanding
• The use of Counterproposals
• Avoiding the use of Irritators