ABB develops a total solutions approach to selling

The world is constantly changing, but the strongest companies distinguish themselves from the rest according to how effectively they embrace those changes.

ABB is one company that is recognising this fact by focusing on how the company, its markets and people can develop and change to meet the new challenges. The global company offers solutions in power transmission, power distribution, automation, oil, gas and petrochemicals, building technologies and financial services.

Rikard Hogfeldt, manager at ABB Business Academy, said, “Increasingly the focus for ABB and its competitors is moving from traditional products to the offering of solutions which combine product knowledge expertise and support services. Creating value for the customer is the prime driver. This requires a different kind of sales skill set. We wanted to work with a training company that could work with our own Academy to develop such selling skills. SPIN® Selling Skills impressed us as a model which is based not just on theory but also sound evidence that shows it works.” explained Hogfeldt.

Huthwaite Sweden is providing SPIN® Selling Skills as part of the Marketing and Sales curriculum of courses. Frontline sales people are introduced to SPIN® Selling Skills as a key building block for their development. Through this training, the sales people are learning to use a consultative approach to selling, which develops needs and identifies benefits. Although it is too early to provide detailed results, anecdotal feedback from attendees is very positive. Rikard Hogfeldt concluded, “I feel that the training is contributing to our sales success and adding value for our customers.”