Bayer - Measurement is key to success

Measuring the success or otherwise of training is a task that challenges many training and sales managers looking to get the best out of their training spend.

 Huthwaite International’s ability to provide measurement was a key factor which lead Bayer Diagnostics to choose it over other training suppliers. Huthwaite’s SPIN® Selling Skills programme includes measurement tools enabling sales managers to assess objectively to what extent selling skills have improved.

Bayer Diagnostics and Huthwaite International together designed and implemented the Productivity Project to measure the success of SPIN® Selling Skills training. Briefly, the researchers first task was to define what would be considered a successful or unsuccessful outcome. Bayer’s sales and marketing managers produced a list of what were considered successful or unsuccessful outcomes and this was then used by the coaches to classify calls. The research found improvements to significant areas of selling skills across the Diagnostics division. 

Belinda Wright, training manager at Bayer Diagnostics, commenting on the Productivity Project results said: “One conclusion that can be drawn from this data is that SPIN® Selling Skills training has helped make calls more effective since the call outcome has constituted a commitment from the customer to move the sales cycle nearer to an order.

“Even with the passing of time it is pleasing to see that the significant increase of successful outcomes is being maintained.”

At the end of the year Bayer purchased another diagnostics company called Chiron Diagnostics to complement Bayer’s product portfolio. Some of the sales people from Chiron were already familiar with SPIN® Selling Skills which meant that there was already the basis for a shared language for sales within the enlarged company. This consistent approach incorporating SPIN® is being applied to new product launches from the combined company with success.