Watson-Marlow - How to demonstrate value to your customer How to demonstrate value

Persuasive sales conversations improve sales outcomes for premium products

Watson-Marlow is using SPIN® selling to build more productive relationships with customers - achieving marked success particularly in new product sales, with new contacts and new business streams.

“The proactive questioning tools help us to see a clear picture of a prospect’s operation, which enables us to present our products in a way that fits their individual needs, adds value to their purchase and outweighs the price of our competitors”.

How to demonstrate value – a long-term strategy

Watson-Marlow has shown great commitment to achieving the behaviour change which underpins their new found success. Keeping up momentum is both essential and hard to maintain but results speak for themselves.

“We are looking to preserve the level of success we have achieved through the continuous development process we have adopted with SPIN®. Over the last year, we have acquired new client sales against tough competition. Our sales force has attained new skills which has enhanced their professionalism and gained the trust and confidence of our clients. And our sales results are outstanding. SPIN® is a great means of developing sales professionals which triggers the improvement that is key for personal and organisational success.”

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