Sales Performance Association - Seminar

Is the sales person really dead?

Many people would agree that the world of sales is changing, and that the traditional salesperson may soon be a thing of the past, as buyers are increasingly making more of the buying decision by themselves or without great input from the sales person.

In this session Janet Curran of Huthwaite International and Simon Kelly of Sheffield Hallam Business School will focus on what this means for those involved in developing sales people and sales forces.

The seminar will consist of 3 interactive discussions:

  1. Has the relationship between sales and marketing really changed within the last 8 years?
  2. What do we mean nowadays by “value”? We will hear some Huthwaite International research on what profitable organisations do to create and capture value around the buying cycle
  3. How can different approaches to creating sustainable behaviour change be used within organisations by the sales training community to ensure that reports of the sales person’s death are premature.

The debate will be led by Dr Janet Curran of Huthwaite International, who will be presenting views based on Huthwaite research and Simon Kelly, Lecturer in the Department of Management at Sheffield Hallam University Business School. It will be chaired by Peter Cooksley of the SPA and there will be a judging panel of SPA members to decide which group presented the most effective argument.


Unipart Training Centre
Garsington Road
OX4 2PG 

United Kingdom

Tuesday, 10 June 2014 from 10:00 to 16:00