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How to communicate: If you want people to learn, first teach them to behave

At the 2014 Leanring and Skills Show, Huthwaite International exhibited, and delivered a free semianr which shared the secrets of how to communicate more effectively.

Being an effective communicator may not come naturally to everyone – but it is a skill that can be learned. Through the use of Verbal Behaviour Analysis (VBA) we can help you to interact with others effectively and persuasively.

Watch the full seminar here:

The seminar gave delegates an opportunity to:

  • attain key insights into the science of VBA from CEO of Huthwaite International, Tony Hughes
  • learn how this scientific approach has helps sellers, negotiators, teachers, school children and board directors alike to improve their soft skills and use verbal behaviour on another level.
  • hear real case anecdotes from Dr Lynne Bianchi, Head of Science & Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub at the University of Manchester.
  • learn how to apply the best use of verbal behaviours to aid learning.