Negotiation workshops - Sheffield Business School

Ian Newall and Trevor Gillard of Huthwaite International will be delivering three one-day workshops for a total of 180 MBA students at the Sheffield Business School. The workshops will take place on 23, 25 and 30 June.

The students who are all part-time, mostly work for large, multinational companies in South Eastern European countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Kosovar, Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine and will be attending a block of lectures in Sheffield. As experienced students and professionals the MBA students bring a certain amount of practical experience with them. Many have undergone negotiation training before.

The purpose of the workshops is to introduce them to Huthwaite’s unique behavioural approach to negotiation training which uses research-based behavioural models to show what skilled negotiators actually do. As well as gaining a conceptual understanding of the behaviours, students will have the opportunity to practise them in a number of scenarios.